Spiral Flower Art Unique Ceramic Coaster Sets - Multicolor - Kitchenware, Home Decor Modern Art Coasters

$40 $63
Your customers will make a style statement with KAFTHAN's ceramic coasters. Combining durable ceramic and geometric or floral designs, they feature a chic mix of color and texture. Ideal for the home bar or buff.

The elegant Anatolian design highlights the beauty of the durable ceramic. Inspired by 15th century Anatolian internal architecture motifs then reimagined in modern-day silhouettes.

Composed of 3 layers, KAFTHAN's coasters bring a unique style to your customers: Anatolian design at the top, durable ceramic in the middle, non-slip pad at the bottom. KAFTHAN's ceramic coasters safely keep liquid away from surfaces without causing any odor and this is an important advantage of our coasters compared to those that absorb liquid.

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