Luxury Yellow Amber Bead Bracelet

$189 $252

This natural yellow amber sphere bracelet, features the best of baltic amber. With a matte finish, perfect spheres and rare yellow hue - this is an exclusive natural jewellery piece.

This bright yellow amber bracelet is perfect for both men and women. Featuring perfect spheres, the natural amber stones have been expertly calibrated*. Each bead boasts a rare and bright yellow hue. Known as both egg yolk and butterscotch amber - this hue is a rare a sought after colour of Baltic Amber.

  • Product: Sphere Bead Bracelet
  • Colour: Butterscotch Yellow
  • Materials: Baltic Amber & Elastic
  • Length: 165mm
  • Sphere Size: 8mm
  • Finish: Matte with Offset Polished Beads

This luxury yellow bead bracelet features a modern matte finish. Two amber beads are perfectly polished, offering an offset shine and deeper orange hue. The amber beads are joined with a durable and flexible elastic core.

* Baltic Amber is found naturally on Earth in irregular and organic shapes. To craft this natural resin into spheres, the stone must be cut and polished until perfectly round. As a result, perfect spheres (known as calibrated amber) is the most luxurious and expensive form. 

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